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Bretherland is a wiki about a fictitious country of the same name. Everybody is welcome to create or edit articles. Simply create your own character and become a citizen today! When you earn your citizenship you can enter politics and create your own party and compete in elections, you can create a business and build a company from the ground up or you can expand the culture of the Bretherlands. So come and join the community, welcome to Bretherland.


Flag of Bretherland

Bretherland, officially known as the United Kingdom of Bretherland is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Bretherland compromises of 28 islands, divided into 7 Regions and 67 Shires.

The islands were first inhabited by modern humans in 700 AD, however it takes its name from the brothers that colonised the islands over the 1600s and 1700s but only became a unified state in 1788. The Bretherlands have many Brethised many aspects of English culture such as Brethish English, the Brethish Church and Brethish Law. However they have also been influenced by the United States of America, having a written Constitution and militia rights.


Now in Astport, Bretherland
Wednesday February 26, 2020

Other time zones

New York: 08:52
London: 13:52
Amsterdam and Brussels: 14:52
Tokyo: 22:52

Major settlements to visit

In Chippingden
Dalebury - Major trade hub that competes with Astport
In Great Lakes
Soft Soils - Regional capital, known for it's traditions
Lake Side - A small town by a lake, popular for tourism
In Kitthelond
Astport - The capital of Bretherland, a cultural hub
Kirkpool - A populous seaside town famed for industry
Kingston - The residence of the King of the Bretherlands
In Waelhburgh
Llanos - A Spanish city renowned for it's architecture



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